Technical Specification

The Globe is a big structure that requires a big space to perform in! Please read thoroughly before making a booking.


When fully constructed, the Globe is 2.23m high and 1.90m wide. It will arrive fully constructed at these dimensions on a standard booking.

There is an alternative booking option for smaller access venues detailed below, see section named Options for indoor venues or outdoor with restricted access”.


It is a 2 person act. One performer and one technician, who then doubles as a steward during performances to ensure safe movement through crowds. If very dense crowds are expected an extra steward would be required to be provided by the venue/event.

Performance Area Requirements

The Show Globe is best performed with plenty of space to move around as a walk-about act. See above dimensions for structure size and then allow for that moving within your event. It glides along with the performer interacting with the public as she meets them. During very busy events The Show Globe often won’t cover great distances due to frequent stopping for photographs with the public and their interaction with the special effects etc. Movement is slow and graceful.

  • It can also be used as a static instillation if space is limited, this still works excellently due to its huge visual impact and interactive nature.
  • It is only suitable for single level performance. Grass and gentle slopes are no issue to navigate but steps cannot be negotiated

Performance Durations and Programming

  • Performance times are 3 x 30 mins sets or 2 x 45 minute sets. There must be a 30 minute gap between performance sets when arranging programming.
  • The Show Globe is suitable for daytime and evening events. It is beautifully illuminated adding a magical element with no need for power during performances.
  • The act is non-verbal, using music and sound effects to interact.

Power Requirements

The Show Globe does not require access to power whilst performing. All electrical elements and special effects are powered by rechargeable batteries on board the structure.

However, access to mains power will be required in-between sets to recharge these batteries. They are removed from the structure to do this. This requires provision and exclusive use of 2 x normal 240v plugs. Chargers are PAT tested. If access to power isn’t possible we have alternatives, do discuss with us.

Unloading and Parking Requirements

The Show Globe travels by trailer, this is towed by a van. Parking will be necessary for both.

  • The trailer is 4.5m long by 2.4m wide, 2.9m high.
  • The van is 5.3m long, 2m high.

The Show Globe will be wheeled out of the trailer down ramps. This needs to be done directly onto the performance ground level but ideally out of sight of the public.

Ideally, where possible for outdoor events, the trailer and gazebo should sit side by side during the event to give maximum work and backstage space. This keeps everything out of the public eye and safe storage during the event. The van can be removed and parked elsewhere.

The van, trailer and gazebo can be parked separately if necessary once The Show Globe is unloaded into the gazebo if the trailer cannot be accommodated next to the gazebo. A secure place for valuables must then be provided during performance times when the gazebo is left unattended by the team.


Some interior dressing of the globe will need to be done on arrival before the performance. We will provide our own smart black pop up gazebo to do this. This is 3m x 3m square. This will be the start and finish location for each performance set. In between sets, the structure and performer will be inside the gazebo for safe storage away from public view. If the gazebo isn’t required because an alternative solution is provided by the client, at the clients’ preference, it’s important to allow for the fact that the performer cannot get in and out of the Globe in public view. The performer will also stay out of public view as soon as she is in body paint, make up and wig for the entirety of the day so as to preserve the magic of the act.

A warm dry changing area for the performer to apply body paint and costume initially is necessary. This can be done in our gazebo if no alternative is suitable, do warn us beforehand. For an outdoor winter bookings please supply 240v power to the gazebo to run a fan heater and lights which we will provide.

Options for indoor venues or outdoor with restricted access

For indoor venues such as shopping centres, or those outdoors with narrow initial access to a wider performance area, the structure can be broken down into smaller components to be carried/wheeled inside. The team will then construct it to its full dimensions inside a smart black 3m x 3m pop up gazebo that we will provide.
This is a lengthy process and does incur a higher booking fee to reflect the extra time and man/ladypower required for this. If stairs need to be negotiated once indoors to get to our set up area, we must have prior warning and photographs of the route from the building entry point to the set up area, to ensure it is physically possible for us. If stairs are necessary, a third member of our team may be required at an extra cost, or the client can supply a fit strong staff member, happy to help with lifting and carrying at the beginning and end of the day only.

  • Doorway dimensions MUST be a minimum of 1.95cm high and 76cm wide to allow the admission of the largest part of the structure. For reference, this part is also 1.95m in length as well as height. The rest of the parts are considerably smaller and contained in boxes wheeled in on a trolley.
  • It is 100% the responsibility of the client or entertainment agency contracting us to a client, to check access dimensions are sufficient first before contracting a booking. We always recommend having a call with us for the full explanation of exactly what the process involves, it’s simpler to explain and straight forward to accommodate once understood.
  • The build takes 3 hours minimum after parking and unloading on site. To take down at the end is between 1.5-2hrs.
  • Clear access to the performance space from the gazebo is necessary at its full dimensions on flat ground level.

Arrival and departure times

Ready built version: Arrival 2 hours before first show, depart 1 hour after last show.
On site construction version: Arrival 3.5 hours before the first show, depart 2 hours after last show.

  • We prefer where possible, to arrive an extra 30 minutes before these times to allow for parking, finding our contact on site etc. to allow the full time for unloading and setting up/ make up etc.


Once constructed the globe is predominantly waterproof so can still be performed in rain, snow and wind. Basically, any average British weather day! We draw the line at gale force winds and lightning storms, we are the act that can keep on performing in weather that stops most others, even we have our limits though!

Final Essential Reminder

It is essential that the above dimensions and information are understood and checked before booking the act. We will gladly talk through every booking with our clients to best work out logistics for each space. It is the responsibility of the client and venue to ensure that the dimensions of the performance area are as specified above. Also, that access to and from this performance space from the trailer parking area is adequate, using the measurements we have provided. If on arrival to the booking it becomes clear that these measurements have not been followed, meaning that we are unable to fit the structure in, or move between areas, the full fee will still be liable to be paid. We highly recommend checking your planned spaces with a tape measure just to be sure! Don’t forget about gaps between street bollards!

To download a Pdf Version of the Technical Specifications, Click Here