You see, my dear, magic is something in us all. We were just born that way. But as we get older the world changes us, dims the magic in us.
But The Show Globe awakens that enchantment in us, opens the childish wonderment in our souls, even if only for a day.

The circus courses through our veins and the power of performing arts drives who we are. We are The Show Globe.

With 20 years experience performing in the professional circus arts industry, the wonder and amazement of the crowd pushes us to inspire and
enchant. The Show Globe is the only one of its kind and we travel the world bringing smiles and wonder to events of all natures.

The whispers of the crowds are all the proof we need. We hear the "Wow!" and the "LOOK!" and the indelible awe among the events and that is the
electricity that powers us to inspire and captivate and to bring our brand of charm and enchantment to your doorstep.

Use our magic to create your own and breathe life and vivid imagination to your events. Create a day or an evening to never be forgotten with the
enchantment of The Show Globe.